Family Health La Clinica receives recertification | Community

Family Health La Clinica community health center has completed the recertification process for the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition, according to a Sept. 15 press release. Practices must show that they have committed to continuous quality improvement and a patient-centered approach to care. Family Health continues to meet the high standards for recognition.

This acknowledgment is notable because it signifies that a health care facility focuses on improving the patient experience through attention to quality. They use health information technology, like electronic health records that can be accessed and shared with other health care providers. Clinics with PCMH recognition manage chronic conditions better, which leads to better health outcomes for patients.

PCMH facilities also have expanded access to services through extended hours of operation. After-hours access makes it easier for patients to get the services they need when they need them. As a PCMH facility, FHLC

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