Fitness Exercise Equipment: Johnson S8000 Programmable Climber Review


There’s no doubt that using a climbing machine can provide a challenging lower body workout. In fact, you’ll learn quite quickly how fit (or not fit) you are after just a few minutes on a climber. In health clubs and gyms, the climbers always are in high demand because of the superior cardiovascular benefits they deliver, in addition to strengthening and toning large muscle groups. If you choose to exercise at home, you can experience similar benefits with a quality climber. Here’s some information about one piece of fitness exercise equipment that we give high marks to: the Johnson S8000 programmable stair climber.

Overall rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Key Features:

One thing we quickly noticed about this climber is the non-slip foot plates that accommodate a variety of foot positions while ensuring a safe and effective workout. We think this climber has a superior simulation of climbing … Read More