P&G Professional Partners With Lyft to Develop New Cleaning Guide for Drivers

P&G Professional’s Trusted Products Used as Part of Rideshare Company’s New Cleaning Guide for Drivers

P&G Professional, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble, today announced a partnership with Lyft to provide cleaning and disinfection products for drivers to use as part of Lyft’s Health Safety Program. The newly announced clean ride guide, created in collaboration with P&G Professional and medical experts at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), recommends that drivers use Spic and Span Disinfecting All Purpose Spray and Glass Cleaner and Microban 24 Professional to clean and disinfect their vehicles as an added layer of protection against COVID-19. The familiar products are found on the EPA-Approved Products on List N for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

In addition to keeping their vehicles clean, Lyft’s Health Safety Program requires drivers and riders alike to agree to wear face coverings throughout the ride, keep windows open, and not

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Do-It-Yourself – Deep Cleaning Your Teeth

You make sure that your family has good dental cleaning habits. You brush twice a day, for at least five minutes in scrupulous circles, zoning in on specific geographic regions of the mouth. You floss with the latest, most technologically advanced dental tape. You even buy your family the newest fad in contoured toothbrushes, just to reach those hard-to-get spaces in between.

Now that you’re listening, a qualified dentist or hygienist should do your dental cleaning, preferably every six months. Professional dental cleaning can be broken down into three main subcategories, namely: scaling, root planning, and polishing.

You do your homework, and you provide your children with calcium-rich foods that are not too high in sugars. You stock the pantry with cereals and grains high in B Vitamins. You make consistently sensible food choices, because you know that any foods that augment muscle and bone growth are generally recommended for … Read More

When to Undergo Dental Cleaning to Gain Healthy Teeth

In case you have the appointment with your dentist or have indulged your taste buds in eating something too sticky or sugary, then it’s time that you should undergo dental cleaning. Dental Cleaning is a procedure where in your dental professional will be cleaning your gums and periodontal disease.

This helps in wiping out any sort of bacterial infection that is present in your gums because generally patients do not visit their dentist for as long as six months. This gives birth to bacteria and germs which results in tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. So today we will be talking about the ideal time to go for deep cleaning or dental cleaning.

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Canine Dental Care: Make Dog Tooth Cleaning Part of Your Regular Routine

We brush our own teeth daily, but sometimes we forget our dogs need regular tooth cleaning too. Just like humans, poor dental hygiene can lead to health problems and tooth decay in our furry friends.

According to research, by the time your dog is three years old there is already an 80% chance that he already has some gum problems due to plaque and tartar buildup. Typical signs are redness or bleeding gums, bad breath, and loose teeth. Even annual or semi-annual professional cleanings at your vet’s office may not be enough to prevent tooth problems in your dog. Regular tooth cleaning at home needs to be part of your dog’s grooming program. (It’s not as hard as you think, honestly!)

Dog Tooth Cleaning at Home

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Medicine Cabinets Require Spring Cleaning

The beginning of Spring means “out with the old and in with the new,” and while it’s customary to “Spring Clean” our closets, garages and other areas around the house, too often we neglect cleaning out and updating one of the most important places in our home – the medicine cabinet.

Spring cleaning your medicine cabinet starts with identifying expired medicines, both over-the-counter types and those prescribed by a doctor, which often can deteriorate and be harmful if ingested. Expiration dates are established by manufacturers as their assurance that up until that date, the medication will maintain its potency as manufactured.

However medications also can expire before their expiration date if not stored properly, particularly when they come in contact with humidity, heat, or sunlight that can alter medications, regardless of their expiration date.

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