Exclusive Interview: The Motley Fool Sits Down With Citus Health CEO

The Motley Fool got a chance to chat with Melissa Kozak, RN, CRNI, and co-founder and CEO of Citus Health. Here’s what she had to share about the future of digital health and how her company is tackling the home healthcare industry.


Corinne Cardina: Hi there. I’m Corinne Cardina, Bureau Chief of Healthcare and Cannabis on I’ve got with me today, Melissa Kozak, who is not only a Nurse and a Certified Registered Nurse of infusion, but she’s also Co-Founder and CEO of Citus Health. Melissa, I would love to hear the story of how you discovered the need for Citus Health and what it was like to bring this company about.

Melissa Kozak: Absolutely, Corinne and thank you to Motley Fool for having me today. It all started in about 2010 when I became a visiting nurse in visiting patients in the New York City area. I was

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