Longtime MLB catcher Francisco Cervelli announces retirement, citing health reasons

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Longtime MLB catcher Francisco Cervelli is retiring from baseball, he announced on Instagram. Cervelli said he is hanging up his spikes because it’s time to “put my health before my career.” The 34-year-old had seven documented concussions throughout his career, including one that ended his 2020 season in August.

Here is Cervelli’s retirement announcement:

“Today, I retire happy and fully satisfied, because I gave my heart and soul to this wonderful game,” Cervelli wrote. “I am retiring because the time has come to put my health before my career. For a long time, I put baseball first, through countless concussions and injuries, because this game was my life; my whole world. But it’s clear to me now that my future holds so much more. For the first time in a long time, I know my health and wellness needs to be the leadoff. It’s time.”

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Sauk County Health Officer resigns, citing ‘political gamesmanship’ involving COVID-19 pandemic | Local Government

Both McCumber and Rego voiced a desire to fill the position quickly. In the interim, McCumber said the human services department has agreed to take on some of the work to offer relief to those remaining at the health department. The goal is to search no longer than 60 days for a new health officer.

Rego said the staff at the health department is “fantastic” and has confidence they will perform well during the absence of a director.

Lawther said in a phone interview Tuesday that he also knows the county health professionals will do well.

“I think the team is absolutely fabulous,” Lawther said. “They’re doing great work already and I think they will continue to do that no matter who the leader is.”

As for those standing in opposition to the department, Lawther said he knows it’s “a very vocal minority” which is making success difficult. Lawther wrote

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Citing 13 brigades-worth of non-deployable troops, Army looks to holistic health solutions

A surprising number of soldiers are on temporary and permanent medical profiles, which prevent them from fully performing their duties. But a new health and fitness program, which will begin arriving to 28 brigades in fiscal 2021, is intended to curb those numbers over the long-term.

As of April, more than 58,000 soldiers — the equivalent of 13 brigade combat teams — were non-deployable, with 16,500 soldiers on temporary profile and 15,000 soldiers on permanent profile, according to a concept paper for the Holistic Health and Fitness system, or H2F, shared with Army Times.

H2F looks to tackle chronic problems among soldiers, including poor sleep habits, obesity and overuse injuries. The concept paper argues that even a 10 percent reduction in annual musculoskeletal injuries would add a full brigade combat team of personnel back to the deployable force.

Some elements of H2F will be familiar to soldiers, even those who

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