Why Circuit Training Exercises Are So Popular

Circuit Training Exercises are designed to strengthen the core of the body with a combination of weight training and cardio exercises performed in repetitions and rotations. Overall total body workouts are also an essential circuit training tool used by personal trainers, non-athletes and athletes. Using the resistance of different weights and a pre-set number of repetitions of those weights, the body is able to build strength and stamina. There are circuit training exercises designed to be tailored to fit the needs of men, women and children, as well as for elderly individuals.

Why Its Popularity is Growing

The popularity of circuit training exercises has been on the rise in the past decade for the sole reason that it is a relative inexpensive exercise program to start up. Individuals, who cannot afford gym memberships, do not have room for weight sets and workout stations, can use dumbbells, jump ropes, mats, resistance … Read More

Boxing For Fitness? Incorporate This Boxing Circuit Into Your Workout

So you want to get fit and you have heard that boxing is a fun way of doing it. Well you are right! Boxing is a type of interval training allowing you to get your heart rate up really high with short bursts of activity. When you put together several short bursts of activity into an exercise regime of approximately 20 minutes you really see fitness benefits. You will see not only your strength improve but also your cardiovascular fitness. With the activities listed below you will also see an improvement in your abdominal strength, helping you get that elusive 6 pack!

Before you start you will need a superior set of boxing gloves and boxing mitts and a mat to do the sit ups on.

Try this circuit in your next boxing training!

Partners – 1 minute rounds and then swap

  1. Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook
  2. 10 straight punches, 10
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