Some Common Dental Procedures That Will Give You a Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is steadily gaining popularity worldwide. It involves some creative dental procedures that are aimed at improving your appearance as well as giving you a dazzling smile. This improved outlook has the effect of building up your self-esteem and giving you a greater level of confidence.

Some of the procedures that can be done are described below.

1. Whitening of teeth

This is a procedure that helps to remove stains and discoloration from teeth. It will give your teeth a new brightness and will transform your entire appearance. Some teeth whitening procedures can be done at home. However, others need a professional. It is advisable that you consult your dentist before doing this procedure.

2. Shaping

This is done by filing the enamel of the tooth. It helps the teeth to look more evenly placed. Fortunately, it is a totally painless procedure. The positive results of shaping are usually seen soon after it is done. Those patients whose teeth are not very badly chipped can benefit from this procedure.

3. Veneers

These are made out of porcelain and they are usually used to cover teeth that are chipped, giving them a smoother look. They can also help to cover up spaces in the teeth as well as stained teeth. Veneers will give your teeth an appearance of perfection.

4. Crowns

Crowns are placed on top of the entire tooth. They are made out of porcelain and will give the tooth a uniform appearance. The porcelain is mixed with metallic material so as to allow for the pressure of biting. Crowns are ideal for badly shaped, broken, or chipped teeth.

5. Implants

These are used to replace teeth that are missing. The implants are permanently placed into the jawbone and they behave like a root for a crown or a denture. This solves the problem of gaps left by missing teeth. Implants can give a huge relief to patients whose gaps are visible when they smile.

6. Bonding

In this procedure, the dentist uses some material which has the color of a tooth and bonds it to the tooth. This covers stains on the tooth and conceals any discoloring. It gives the tooth a clean, smooth appearance.

7. Braces

These are not only for children. Adults can also use braces for teeth alignment. Those who choose this method prefer to have their actual teeth aligned rather than use crowns or veneers that are made from artificial material.

If you decide to visit a dentist for any of the above procedures, ensure that you have consulted widely and sought different opinions on the most suitable procedure for your particular case. Most of these cosmetic procedures are quite costly. Therefore, you should also ensure that it is within your budget or covered by your insurance cover.