Slim Body, Round Booty – How to Achieve This Body Aesthetic Through Workouts

If you are like most women, you probably wish you had a nice, slim body with a tight rounded booty. Often times when working out to lose weight and achieve a slim body, we end up losing all over and developing flat butt syndrome. Below I am going to describe some of the exercises that I use and you can use also to ensure that you’re burning fat while maintaining a beautiful booty!

1) My favorite workout that I have been performing for the past three years is stair-running. Since I started utilizing this workout my backside has never looked better! In order to do this workout first you need to find a staircase, I use one in my nearby college. Some other good places to find stairs include, office buildings, train stations, hotels or you can always use bleachers. To complete this workout run up the stairs alternating between running every step and every other step. For example the first time I run up I would hit every step, the second time up I’ll skip a step hitting only every other step. This will help achieve maximum booty lift. You can jog or walk on the way down for recovery. Do this workout for 20-30 minutes and you have yourself an amazing fat burning, butt shaping workout!

2) My favorite exercise that will sculpt your booty and torch calories is jumping lunges. Jumping lunges are great because you are getting a cardiovascular workout while at the same time you are doing resistance training. In order to perform jumping lunges, start in lunge position then jump up and switch legs landing back in lunge position with your opposite foot forward. Try for twenty repetitions at a time, then rest and repeat up to 10 times. You can also increase the difficulty and butt shaping potential by holding a weighted medicine ball above your head during this exercise.

3) Another great fat burning, backside building workout I would recommend is incline running. The best way to do this is to set a treadmill to 12-15% incline and alternate between running and walking. I prefer to do 1 minute of walking alternating with 1 minute of running for 20 minutes. If you have hills nearby you could also get the same benefits by performing hill repeats. Pick the steepest (with in reason) hill and sprint/run up then walk back down for recovery.

If you include these three workouts into your exercise routine you are on your way to burning fat and building a shapely backside!