Six-Pack Abs Exercises

Sit-ups and crunches are mainstream methods of attaining six-pack abs. On the otherhand, the chest-to-knees exercise is a harmful exercise for your back. On the contrary, working with some complex moves (excluding crunches and sit-ups), coupled with nutritious diet can help in achieving the six-pack abs desired by most.

Listed below are six exercises for achieving those ripped six-pack abs:

1. Pull-up

Clasp the pull-up bar a bit wider than length of shoulders. Now bend your legs behind, take the shoulder blades in a downward and backward position, cross the feet, tighten your abs and squeeze the buttocks. Now follow these steps:

– Pull the entire body upwards till the collarbone is at level with the bar

– Repeat the exercise

– Perform 3 reps for optimum results

– Take one minute of rest between each rep

2. Medicine ball slam

Hold a medicine ball and keep it above your head.

– Maintain an upright posture

– Throw the ball downwards with full force

– Repeat the exercise in 3 reps

– Take one minute of rest in between.

3. Ab-wheel roll-out

The individual should position himself in a kneeling position. Hold an ab-wheel’s handle keeping the shoulders and hands in sync. Now move the hips forward while rolling this ab-wheel outwards. Just an arm movement is required; keep the back flat at all times. If the body gets misbalanced, it’s time to stop the exercise.

– Repeat the exercise in 3 reps

– Take one minute of rest in between.

4. Pall-off press

Hold a D-handle and connect it to the cable cross machine. Fix the pulley to chest height. Stand at a two feet distance and pull the handle to your chest. Push the handle in a straight line so as to maintain the position of the exercise. Return the handle back to its original position.

– 10 reps for each side

– Take one minute rest in between

5. Barbell landmine

The barbell is stuck between two walls in the corner. Hold the barbell by its one end and bring it close to your chest. Using both hands, press barbell out from the chest with laced fingers. Keep the arms in line, move the shoulders to one side and onto to the other. Now, return to original position.

– Repeat this exercise in 3 reps

– Take one minute break

6. Pendulum

With back on the floor, raise the legs to a 90 degree angle, analogous to a right angled triangle. Keeping the legs straight up, bring them down on the floor to left and then right. This technique hurts quite a bit in the gut.

– Repeat the process multiple times

– Take one minute break