Selecting a Sink Without a Cabinet

You don’t have to go with a sink that has a cabinet underneath it. There are plenty of other choices that may be more appealing to you. With a wall hung sink, you can open up some of the area and that may allow the room to look larger. This type of design also gives the room a current look versus one that is older or basic. It may be something you haven’t seen in a home very often.

If you already have enough storage, you can do without the cabinet under the sink. Some households don’t have much to store in the bathroom so it doesn’t matter. For a kitchen, there is often enough other locations for storage so this can be a viable choice to consider.


There are several styles to pick from if you are interested in a wall hung sink. Some of them are round and others are rectangular. Some have only one area where the water comes out and others have two. Take a peek at these choices before you make up your mind about what you will buy. That way you don’t come across one later on that you wish you had purchased instead.


When it comes to the materials for a wall hung sink, there are two primary choices. Those made from porcelain are white and very durable. They tend to be heavier than those made from stainless steel or aluminum which are silver. Think about the colour you want and the look you want to help you narrow it down.

It may depend on the other components in your kitchen or bathroom to help you make up your mind. You may be interested in only adding the wall hung sink or it may be one of many upgrades you plan to make in that room of your home.


It is important to understand the mounting instructions for any wall hung sink you purchase. They need to be properly secured to the wall to make sure they are safe and they don’t pull away. You also need to make sure you get it on there straight because if it is angled it won’t look nice at all. Use a level to ensure you get it at the right height and straight across.

You can choose to mount the wall hung sink on your own or you can hire a professional to do it for you. It is a two person job though so if you want to do it on your own, you will need to ask someone else to assist you. It is a good idea to use a stud finder too so you don’t have to guess where to secure it to the wall.


The cost for such a sink will depend on where buy it, the brand, and the quality. It will also depend on the size and the materials it is made from. As you shop around, you can take note of the options you want and compare prices on those. Don’t be in a rush to buy such a product, take your time to find one that is exceptional in how it looks and how it functions.

Some consumers assume this type of product will be out of their price range. Yet they are thrilled to discover it costs far less than they imagined. Don’t rule out getting such a sink because you don’t think it will fit with your budget. It certainly doesn’t hurt to spend some time looking around and comparing offers. Then you can smile when you find one that is in you budget!