Sauk County Health Officer resigns out of frustration with leadership during Covid-19

Coronavirus leadership concerns cause Sauk County Health Officer to resign

MADISON, Wis. — Sauk County Health Officer Tim Lawther’s resigned due to frustration with leadership’s “political gamesmanship” during the pandemic.

Lawther cited resigning partly because he and his team were accused of being liars, communists and facists, reports. Lawther confirmed his resignation to News 3 Now.

“The political gamesmanship has empowered some County Supervisors to demand retraction of evidence-based public health guidance,” Lawther wrote. “It has encouraged and rewarded political allies to rail against science and data-driven measures to protect our neighbors. It has emboldened others to think it is appropriate to treat public health professionals with disrespect and disdain when they are just trying to do their jobs with skill and grace.”

Sauk County Board Chair Tim McCumber told on Tuesday that Lawther’s frustration may have stemmed from the board’s difficulty with reaching consensus due to its large number of members. He also said Lawther’s personality may have made his handling of the pandemic off putting to some.

Lawther’s intended last day will be Oct. 14. His letter of resignation is dated Sept. 14. Sauk County Health Officials expressed a desire to fill the position quickly.


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