Royersford Non-Profit ‘Fostering Hope’ For Montco Kids

ROYERSFORD, PA — A pair of Montgomery County foster moms have worked the last two years forming a non-profit that would support foster care children and families.

Alyssa Dourte and Adrienne Cavanaugh began work in 2018, creating a 501c3 organization to “offer meaningful help to foster families and children in Montgomery County.” The called it “Fostering Hope PA” and it finally launched late in 2019.

Cavanaugh, Director of Development, and Dourte, Director of Operations, are both foster parents in Royersford.

“We very quickly realized there was a need,” said Cavanaugh. She explained that because placement of children into foster families can happen quickly, children come into their new homes without a supply of clothing or other needs.

“Some kids can show up with no underwear,” said Cavanaugh. The two went to work gathering a “closet” where those children can get what they need quickly. “The families can shop, gather any items they need. If we don’t have something they need, we find it for them, through donations, our funds or partners. furniture,” said Cavanaugh.

But the women realize they can’t do it all alone. They partner with community businesses and organizations who also want to help.

Peter and Rose Lim, who recently opened Embrey Dental in Royersford, partnered with Fostering Hope, providing “dignity duffle” bags to children entering foster care. The bags eliminate the need for children’s belongings to be put hastily into large trash bags.

Pete Lim said he hopes the duffle bags “help in nurturing children to thrive with hope and dignity as they transition into temporary homes.” Embrey Dental says it wants to invest in children by building them up in a loving and secure environment so that they will make an impact in our community.”

“We hope that one day we can provide a home for someone in the same way,” the Lims said.

Last spring, the Royersford Education Association held a pajama drive for Fostering Hope, and was able to provide 180 pajamas for the closet.

“We’re beginning to develop regular partners,” Cavanaugh said. “People have come to know us.”

Fostering Hope also aims to eliminate barriers for parents who want to become foster parents, whatever their needs are; purchasing a home, getting proper safety equipment, finding furniture and clothing.

The group also helps prepare foster parents with training in dealing with trauma. Foster parents must have 10 hours of training every year, said Cavanaugh. The process can be challenging, between training, home studies by social workers, background checks and financial inquiries. Homes must be properly equipped in terms of safety equipment also, and the organization helps foster families get ready.

Fostering Hope also helps what are called “kinship families,” those foster families who are related, or perhaps close family acquaintances of the children. “It may have come as a surprise that they needed to take a child,” explained Cavanaugh. “They’re often not really prepared.”

Cavanaugh is a stay-at-home mom whose two youngest children were adopted after coming to her through foster care. She is currently in a graduate program, earning her master’s degree in social work.

Dourte is a mother of three, her youngest a foster child who’s been in her home for two and a half years. She works part-time.

Fostering Hope is planning events, though some this year were cancelled because of the pandemic. They realize foster parents often “just need a break,” so they are working to make ways to watch kids while those parents take some time for themselves.

A food drive for foster families is planned for November and for Christmas, Fostering Hope will have an Adopt-a-Family event, so people in the community who want to help can provide gifts for children in foster care. The work has grown, with partners across Montgomery County.

Fostering Hope gets all its funding from grants and donations, Dourte explained. “We’re all volunteer, there’s no payroll.”

More information about Fostering Hope PA can be found at and on social media.

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