Royal Canin launches new rewards program mobile app, champions access to pet healthcare information in PH

If you’re like most caring and loyal pet owners during this lockdown, you’ve probably found yourself struggling with loads of questions like, ​“How often should my pet eat?” “How often should my dog take a bath?” “Is my cat sick, sleepy, or just ignoring me?” only to be left even more confused with answers from various sources.

As strict quarantine protocols continue to be enforced, many frantic pet parents gravitate towards online forums and social media in search of answers to their questions. Many keyboard experts offer all sorts of unqualified advice—many of which are plain wrong or even dangerous to your pets. The lockdown, which has led to shorter operating hours for many veterinary clinics, has further cut off most pet owners from their direct line to immediate, credible information about pet healthcare and nutrition.

Recognizing the obstacle, Royal Canin recently launched the ​Royal Canin Club rewards program mobile app—a new, easy-to-use, and accessible online platform that provides pet owners with authoritative pet care information needed to keep animal companions healthy and happy. The app is a complementary tool for both new and loyal Royal Canin patrons who stand by the brand’s tailored nutrition philosophy and strive only to provide the best to their furry friends.

Through the app, users get to enjoy the Royal Canin e-learning tool, which contains informative and engaging content on topics that pet parents care most about: proper diet and nutrition, digestive health, neonatal to aging care, skin and coat care, training, and understanding pet behavior.

For those who love special deals, the Royal Canin Club app gives club members first access to sale and promotion announcements. You even get a welcome voucher for Royal Canin users or a special gift set for non-Royal Canin users just for signing up! More gifts and promos are in store for loyal users who will accomplish all activities and engage with the e-learning tool regularly.

“Dogs and cats are entrenched as members of the Filipino family, entitled to quality care and love. Royal Canin wants to help Filipinos become responsible pet parents by giving them access to nutrition and information tailored to their needs while allowing them to earn rewards points in the process,” says Adriann Eusebio, Royal Canin Philippines’ Country Director. “We want to provide pet owners with a trusted online resource that also allows them to engage with the brand through various e-learning activities and features. All these features are on top of our users’ exclusive access to Royal Canin’s promos, vouchers, and exciting gift prizes within Royal Canin Club for all pet owners, clinics, shops, and breeders.”

All these reflect Royal Canin’s 50 years of championing knowledge and understanding of cats and dogs in order toprovide precise and effective nutrition that would support each pet’s unique needs while rewarding their owners in the process. Nowadays, a lot of Filipino pet owners have come to realize the unique needs that their pets require based on age, breed, size, and even dental health. With the app, Royal Canin aims to guide these loving “fur parents” with information that will allow them to look after their loyal pets better.

Through its leading research and scientific observations, Royal Canin is able to provide information that most pet owners are not able to pay attention to like kibble density, jaw length, ingestion speed, and stool quality of pets. With this knowledge, the company is equipped to formulate a complete and balanced pet nutrition diet that is very digestible, palatable, and tailored to each kind of pet.

Become a knowledgeable pet parent and enjoy the perks that come with being part of the Royal Canin Club, which is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for free. Complete your profile and get a voucher (for existing Royal Canin users) or a gift set (new users) until supplies last. Don’tforget to follow Royal Canin Philippines on its website,​, and on its Facebook and Instagram pages, ​@RoyalCaninPH​, for product news, promotions, and special giveaway contests!





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