Register for Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge 2020-21

Registration starts Oct. 1.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Are you ready for a change in body, mind and spirit? Need a boost to get you going toward your goals? It’s time once again for the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge, and you can register starting Oct. 1. 

What can you expect if you join the challenge? Host Kelly Heidbreder has been busy cooking up (literally) socially-distant-safe changes to the program, along with brand new recipes, tips from medical professionals to help you achieve your best, and much more. 

After you sign up, you’ll head to Super Fitness North (343 New Towne Square Dr., Toledo, OH 43612) before Oct. 20 to weigh in, pick up some fun Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge gear and donate to Auggie’s Quest. 

The fee is $30. All registration proceeds will be donated to Augie’s Quest to fund ALS research. Augie’s Quest was founded by Augie Nieto, who was the co-founder and CEO of the exercise equipment company Life Fitness. Nieto was diagnosed with ALS more than a decade ago.

After you register, you’ll be invited to be part of the SFWLC community on Facebook. Here you can share tips, cheer each other on and communicate with Kelly. 

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