Punching Power – How to Use Knuckle Push-Ups to Create Fists of Steel

This article will give you a quick tip for turning your wimpy fists into slabs of concrete with a simple push-up technique. Knuckle push-ups are a great way to not only train your upper body, but your fists will thank you for it as well.

Here are a few things that you need to know about knuckle push-ups:

1. You want your wrists to be straight, in line with your forearm. You should be performing a push-up on the first two knuckles of your hand. The thumbs and the other two knuckles should remain off the ground.

2. You want to perform these push-ups on a hard surface, preferably a wood or tile floor. Some maverick martial artists perform these push-ups in gravel parking lots. You must have a hard surface to get the benefits.

3. Knuckle push-ups should be used in conjunction with makiwara training. To get the highest return on your training, you should also practice your punching techniques on a makiwara. This will produce denser bones in the knuckles and create callouses that will get the hands used to hitting harder surfaces. You can either create your own makiwara or purchase a store-bought one. Do not purchase the makiwaras that are a pad mounted to the wall. They will damage your hand because they do not bounce.

4. Practice these push-ups at least 2-3 times per week for maximum benefit. Your hands will slowly get used to these over time, but you will quickly lose the callouses if you stop doing them for too long.

5. Always stop these exercises if anything is hurting or if you have injured yourself. Of course these push-ups are going to ache a little. They are not easy to do, and that is the point. However, if you feel extreme pain, or have excessive bruising, stop immediately and seek medical attention.