Pulling My Own Tooth Because of the Prohibitive Cost of Dentists

Jersey Channel Islands has no N H S Dentists:

I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands and I can tell you for a fact that there is no financial help for Dentist treatment available in the island, the Hospital do nothing but send you off with a couple of pain killers and tell you to go to a dentist for treatment, end of.

Now a few years ago I cracked a tooth in half, I was in agony; my tooth had split in half right into the gum. I went to the Jersey General Hospital with it; it felt like I had a sharp knife stabbing at the root of my tooth.

After waiting at the hospital for nearly three hours to be seen I was sent away with a couple of morphine tablets and told to go and see a dentist the following morning, they refused point blank to pull the tooth out for me and to be honest this is really in my opinion what they should have done. I couldn’t believe that any hospital or Doctor could be so callous as to send anyone away from their doors in such obvious agony, when simply pulling the tooth out would have cured the problem, I mean just how long would this have taken them, and I couldn’t help thinking how such a wealthy island could really be so penny pinching, especially as I had told them that there was no way I could afford to go to the dentist. Our Dentist prices are from what I have seen on the internet price guides around three times what they are on the mainland (England) UK!

I went home took the morphine tables and waited for them to kick in, at this point I was in so much pain with this split in half to the base of my gum tooth that I would have done anything to kill the pain. It really was that horrendous that the pain actually made me physically sick.

After the morphine kicked in I got a pair of my husbands pliers and literally yanked the offending half of the tooth out myself. There was blood everywhere, but believe it or not the relief I felt in getting rid of this offending half tooth was incredible.

I told a Jersey States member of Government in the Royal Square about what I had had to do and showed him the half tooth, which I had taken with me in a plastic bag. He said he would look into it and see something was done about this situation for the future. What did he do nothing the same situation exists to date!

I saved up a bit each week for the following two years for the day the rest of this offending tooth rotted out, and I had to actually go to the dentist and have it pulled out completely, I had to live with constant pain from it, along with the fact I could not chew on this side of my mouth for that period of time. At the time I had to go to the dentist and have the rest of this tooth pulled out I still hadn’t managed to save enough to cover the cost and had to make a payment plan with the dentist for the remained of the cost.

The dentist told me that had I come to him when my tooth splintered in the first place he would have been able to save the tooth, now I have a gap in my teeth, why purely because of the prohibitive cost of going to the dentist, and the fact that the Government has done nothing about this situation.

I am not alone and I find it a totally unacceptable in a tax haven that nothing has or is being done abut it!