Preparation – The Most Important Step to Painted Cabinets

An excellent way to refresh your kitchen is to update it with newly painted cabinets. Applying new paint creates brings new design to the heart of your home. Paint also refreshes your cabinets and corrects damage from daily wear and tear. Before you begin your kitchen cabinet remodel, take the time to properly prepare.

Begin by removing the cabinet doors, laying them on a flat surface and thoroughly cleaning the cabinets. Be sure to wipe down the doors, shelves and cabinet box. Number the door and matching cabinet by writing numbers on a piece of masking tape and attaching it to the door and cabinet. This will save you time when you rehang the doors.

Secondly, use fine-grit sandpaper to sand cabinet doors and boxes. It may take a bit of elbow grease to remove the current finish. Do not forget to sand cabinet boxes and shelving as well as the doors. This step allows primer to adhere to cabinet surfaces more efficiently.

Once you have completed sanding, apply primer to all of the surfaces you want to paint. Priming cabinets creates a smooth, clean surface prior to painting and allows the paint to form a better bond with the cabinet. Choose a primer that matches the type of paint you plan to use. Consult the painting professionals at your local home improvement store if you are unsure what style of primer to use.

After the primer has dried, begin painting your cabinets. Use a pneumatic sprayer or a good quality brush for this project. Apply paint in thin, even coats to create a more professional looking finish. Be patient and apply two to three coats to the cabinets to create the desired look. Allow the paint to dry, rehang the doors, and enjoy your beautiful painted cabinets.