Plyometric Training and Fitness Kickboxing

A big part of the strength building and fat burning that takes place in an Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing class is due to the plyometric type of exercises that are incorporated into a typical class. Plyometric exercises can be described as any movement that uses excessive force or power to enhance the effectiveness of that movement. Under this definition, a plyometric exercise could include explosive push ups, leaping on and off platforms, skipping steps while hiking upstairs, and much, much more. Plyometric exercises are used in Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing classes to help students reach peak performance and to burn fat quickly.

Some plyometric exercises that are typically incorporated into a generic Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing class and other fitness programs to help strengthen the lower body include squat jumps, jump to box, split squat jumps, bounding, zigzag hops, depth jumps, and lateral jumps. All of these exercises, when done with the right amount of intensity and with enough interval resting time, can help to develop stronger power when sprinting, jumping, kicking and quickly changing direction on your feet. These exercises are especially helpful in Ultimate Fitness Kickboxing classes because a lot of strength needed to kick and maneuver quickly away from opponents comes from lower leg strength.

Good Fitness Kickboxing classes will also incorporate many upper body plyometric exercises, which could include overhead throws with a medicine ball, side throws, slams, explosive push ups, squat throws, and explosive start throws. Using a medicine ball in upper body plyometric drills not only helps to build upper arm strength rapidly, but it also helps encourage a more explosive movement because there is heavy mass involved to help build momentum and complete strong follow-throughs. Other simple upper body plyometric exercises could include bench-pressing weights with explosive movement–a method that still improves upper body performance, but has its limitations because barbells need to decelerate at the end of their movements.

When combining both upper body and lower body plyometric exercises, athletes can achieve peak performances in Fitness Kickboxing and a variety of other sports such as basketball, volleyball, football, rugby, wrestling, and martial arts. Training with the right movements and focusing on the muscles that are the most important for peak performances for your sport can help build maximum strength and endurance, which could mean the difference between winning or losing. Plyometric exercises are an important form of power training and should be incorporated into any fitness regime for any serious athlete.