Penis Health: 7 Everyday Care Steps

For some guys, their personal care routine begins and ends with the occasional shower. But there are additional considerations to keep in mind when it comes to penis health. While a man’s rod doesn’t require a lot of fuss to be kept in good form and function, it doesn’t hurt to practice a few extra penis care steps throughout the day, and to know how everything from what a man eats to the personal care products he uses can affect the tool. The following list will help men take the best care of what they’re packing.

1) Wash right. Some men don’t think twice about washing their penises as they wash the rest of their bodies. This doesn’t always work out well for the delicate member skin. Excessive washing, scrubbing and use of scented body washes or soaps can all dry out the skin and make it less sensitive to pleasurable sensations – something no man wants. Washing the tool daily in warm water is generally sufficient to keep it clean. Intact men should gently retract the foreskin and wipe away smegma accumulation with their fingers. For men with frequent smegma buildup, doing this multiple times a day outside the shower may be necessary.

2) Lube right. Men have used all sorts of slippery substances to slick their sausages during solo play. While adequate lubrication is important both when masturbating and when having sex with a partner, it’s equally important to use the right kind of lubrication. Avoid soaps, shampoos and other products not designed for the penis when lubing up.

3) Self-gratify right. While there’s certainly no one “right” way to yank the chain, there are some wrong ways that can lead to injury or loss of sensitivity with a partner. Using a chokehold grip or relying on super hardcore visual stimuli can desensitize a man to actual sexual stimulation with a partner. Sticking a penis where it doesn’t belong (think: vacuum hose) can lead to skin and muscle injury that any man would do well to avoid.

4) Eat right. Foods that promote healthy circulation are good for the penis, since erections are created by a rush of blood into the penis. Foods like leafy greens, chili peppers and tomatoes can help keep the blood flowing strong.

5) Exercise right. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the body. While regular cardio exercise is important, it’s just as important not to over-train. Guys who push themselves hard with any kind of exercise without taking adequate recovery time in between workouts experience heightened levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that, among other nasty things, lowers testosterone levels. That can wreak havoc on a guy’s sex drive and ability to achieve erections.

6) Self-examine right. Men should perform frequent visual and manual checks of their members. Assess the skin condition and feel for any lumps or bumps. While self-examining is crucial, don’t self-diagnose. If something is different or concerning, seek out proper diagnosis from a medical professional.

7) Moisturize right. Some guys get dry, flaky skin on the penis. This could be caused by a number of factors, including friction from one’s hand or a partner’s body, rubbing up against fabric or cold weather. Guys might be tempted to reach for any old body lotion, but the penis deserves a lotion designed with it in mind, without harsh chemicals or fragrances that may irritate the delicate skin. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is the best option for moisturizing a dry penis. A product with a combination of Shea butter and vitamin E can tag-team dry skin by both providing and locking in moisture.