Palorin – Is it Really the New Wonder Cure For Bad Breathe Or Just All Hype?

For most of us, having bad breath is something we dread. We would hate to think that people did not want to get close to us because of it. And if you have chronic bad breath then you will really understand what I am saying. That is why many people now use Palorin. It seems to be the savior that chronic sufferers need.

I personally know this because I have tried so many other alternatives to alleviate my own bad breath problem. I started with just brushing my teeth constantly but we know this is just not achievable when you are at work. I also was chewing gum but again this is not always acceptable in the working environment that I am in. No body wants to be greeted by someone chewing like a cow. Mouthwash was also hard to use because I would have to find somewhere to spit it out.

Many of you may be asking why I did not go to the doctor and or dentist to see what the problem was. Well, I did. The dentist did do some work on my teeth but this did not alleviate the problem so off I went to the doctor. He could not find anything dramatically wrong with me but he did say that I am one of the unfortunate ones who suffer from Halitosis, which in turn leads to very bad breath.

He gave me some tips to help fight these bacteria that was the cause of my concern but still was not really helping me. I then did a Google search as we computer nerds do and came up with something that I thought I would try. And I am glad I did because so far so good.

Palorin comes in a tablet form, which I thought was good as it made it easy to use. Although you do have to have it 3 times a day with food. This can be a bother, as like most of us working people we do not always have time to eat regularly. The other thing that helped me over the line was that it was homeopathic so I gave it a go.

Obviously this product is expensive compared to chewing gum or using a mouth wash but it does work for me so that makes it worth it. I do buy the tablets in bulk so it works out cheaper but it is still not something that everyone can afford. I also found that whilst some of the ads for this Palorin say it works instantly, I found that it did not work straight away for me but in about a week it was working really well. Lucky I have a great partner who was able to tell me this!