P90X2 Phase 2 Complete – Here Is My Review on What I Thought About This Phase!

Wow, I feel like just yesterday I finished Phase 1 of my P90X2 journey! Regardless, P90X2 Phase 2 is now completed (The “Strength” Phase).

I REALLY liked this phase, but I get asked a lot “Is P90X2 BETTER than P90X?” – That’s a tough question, but keep reading to find out!

I decided to take 5 weeks in Phase 2 so that I could really focus on building muscle. If you don’t know, P90X2 gives you the ability to extend the phases to your own personal need! This is nice so that you don’t jump off of a phase too early if you don’t want to:

Phase 1: 3-6 weeks

Phase 2: 3-6 weeks

Phase 3: 3-4 weeks

Recovery Week: whenever you need it!

In P90X2 Phase 2, you will see Plyocide, Yoga X2, and X2 Ab Ripper each week. The new workouts in Phase 2 include Chest + Back + Balance, X2 Shoulders & Arms, and Base + Back.

P90X2 Phase 2 provides a whole new plate of delicious moves that you’d never think were possible!! In fact, one move alone is called The Impossible/Possible (in Chest + Back + Balance). This move involves putting your legs up on the stability ball while putting your hands on a medicine ball and doing push-ups (say WHAT!).

What I noticed is that with Phase 2, you get the great strength moves that you get with P90X while working on your balance & core!! This is huge, especially if you want to work on toning your abs and improving your balance!!

Here are a few of my favorite moves:

Plyo Stability Ball Push-Up (Chest + Back + Balance)

4-Ball Push-Up (Chest + Back + Balance)

Swimmer’s Push-Up (Chest + Back + Balance)

Chattrocker (even though it was hard for me!) (Chest + Back + Balance)

Crazy Eight (X2 Shoulders & Arms)

Arnold Press (X2 Shoulders & Arms)

Rocket Launcher Tricep Kickback (X2 Shoulders & Arms)

Chair Jump (Base + Back)

Plyo Lunge Press (Base + Back) – I used 15 pound weights for this move

Plyo Frog Squat (Base + Back)

Surfer Spin (Base + Back)

Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tucks (Base + Back)

P90X2 Phase 2 Review: Is it better than P90X?

It’s really hard to say that P90X2 is necessarily BETTER than P90X, because they are both equally amazing programs. I will tell you that I think that P90X2 is an absolutely GREAT extension beyond P90X.

I wouldn’t recommend P90X2 for anyone who is trying to lose weight or who hasn’t worked out in a long time. P90X2 focuses heavily on athletic performance and core/balance moves. With this in mind, start with P90X (or Power 90) and get your body ready, then give P90X2 a shot and see what it can do for you!

What you don’t think you can achieve with P90X will be mastered in P90X2! In this case, I will say YES P90X2 is worth the money! The reason being is that it gives you a whole new edge on fitness based on performance. If you want to improve your life, get some abs, and feel like a champ, do I what I did and get P90X2!

P90X2 Phase 2 Review: My Nutrition & Diet

I focused a lot of energy on my nutrition during P90X2 Phase 2. The first thing I did was increased my calories! I found out that because I wasn’t eating enough, my metabolism slowed down as a result. No good!! So, I aim to eat at least 2700-2900 calories per day, with plenty of good protein.

I used the following supplements during P90X2 Phase 2… nothing more, nothing less:

100% Whey Protein (got this from Target)

Shakeology (for my morning snack!)

E&E, Energy and Endurance (Pre-Workout Formula, all natural)

P90X Results and Recovery Formula (After-Workout Drink)

P90X2 Phase 2: What’s Next?

Now that I’ve completed P90X2 Phase 2, it’s on to phase 3! This final phase is based on PERFORMANCE. With performance comes the term P.A.P., otherwise known as Post-Activation-Potentiation. This is athletic training, and from what I understand, will combine the fun of Phase 1 and Phase 2 into two killer workouts (PAP Upper and PAP Lower) to truly test my skills!

Thanks for reading, and have a great, healthy, fulfilling day!

Yours in Fitness Success,

Bob Sharpe