Online Teaching Jobs

For many individuals accepting a contract to teach a college-level course online is just a job. However, it can be more than that. Teaching online can be made into a career, even if the teaching contracts are part-time. After all, enough part-time work equals a full-time salary. I know many people who earn their living as part-time professors. To them, this is more than just a job, it is a life-style as well as a career. Of course, there is no upward mobility, however, a surgeon, a dentist, or a physical therapist has no upward mobility either.

One of the pluses about teaching online as a profession is that you are able to create your work environment. Many professors prefer to do their online teaching at home. However, I know several individuals who rent office space and prefer to go there to do their work. They find it too distracting when they remain at home. In the morning, I enjoy my five-second commute. It saves me time, hassle, and travel expenses. My family cooperates with me. If I leave my office door open, that means that I do not mind being interrupted. However, if the door is closed I am left alone.

Another positive aspect obtained by online teaching jobs is that you are in control of your financial destiny. You are the one who will determine the annual salary to be earned. By knowing how much you will be paid per course, you can determine the number of courses you will have to teach in a year to achieve this goal. The rest is up to your initiative.

By setting a specific annual salary you can determine the number of hours you will need to work to fulfill your goal. Knowing the income and hours worked, you can determine your hourly rate. Since online teaching jobs should be considered to be a business, you should set an hourly rate that is reflective of your efforts. Remember that the higher your hourly rate, the fewer hours you will need to work to achieve your income goals. However, the best part of online teaching jobs is being able to make a difference in the lives of your students.

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