Nurse Next Door Review – Home Health Care Franchise Opportunity

Nurse Next Door is the latest addition and opportunity to the ever growing home health care franchise services industry. As one of America’s fastest growing opportunities and or, franchise businesses, is this truly a great way for the entrepreneur to invest in themselves? Here is a simple review of this particular franchise and opportunity.

Nurse Next Door is the latest franchise opportunity to hit the home health care industry. The cost of starting your business with NND comes at a liquid investment of $48,000, but the overall cost will be $100,000+ all together. The home health care industry is a constantly growing industry as well as lucrative, but with sweeping health care reform could this be the right decision for you?

The NND program does offer a complete training program ranging fro companion care, home management to special care services training. The company also provides for child care business start up as well as respite care the developmentally disabled. Adding in a marketing program this could be a solid franchise opportunity with a solid future of growth potential.

With sweeping health care reform however, this franchise business and complete industry as a whole will need careful consideration. With the in home care industry and these reforms, laws and new taxes could be a massive damper to the industry. With more control over the actual business of in home care with the State and Federal government, this could create a substantial income loss as well as the feeling of no control over your own business.

While Nurse Next Door is a legitimate franchise opportunity and home health care needs on the rise, this could be a solid business and opportunity for the entrepreneur looking. Marketing online and offline will also be a huge factor that will most likely create at least some monthly overhead. It is best however to complete all due diligence into any franchise business opportunity.