My Teeth Whitening Product Reviews #3 – Rembright

Thanks for reading the latest in my short series of teeth whitening product reviews. The focus of attention this time is a product called Rembright.

Until recently, if you wanted a Hollywood smile then you had no choice but to spend a lot of money and visit the dentist. Despite the fact that the results would be professional, this type of treatment was outside the price range of most people. Expensive laser treatment was the only option available. That’s no longer the case though, as a whole range of products aimed at the home market are now available.

Even dentists will pretty much admit that the home teeth whitening products, such as Rembright, do as good a job as the much more expensive laser treatments.

Rembright is one of the newest additions to the home teeth whitening market and it’s a very impressive product. Rembright is another gel product that contains the bleaching compound Carbamide Peroxide which is safe and non-toxic but delivers magnificent results. Rembright guarantees that its product will brighten your teeth by up to 5 shades in an hour, but to be honest, it didn’t work like that for me. Rembright actually tastes quite pleasant which, compared to some products is actually a major plus, so it scores well here. A friend of mine who is a heavy smoker volunteered to try Rembright and I was impressed with the results that he achieved.

I did feel though that Rembright was let down by its lack of convenience. Unlike most of its competitors to get the best results from Rembright you have to use a set of gumshields which are supplied. The gel is squeezed into these and they are placed against your teeth so its really only suitable for use at home, on your own, unless you really want to frighten the neighbours. Most if its competitors products come in handy pen applicators which are much more convenient to use.

I can sum up this latest in my series of teeth whitening product reviews by saying then by saying that Rembright is good but not great. A big plus though is that its available on a free trial where you only pay for shipping, so its probably worth a try although I feel that there are better value products out there if you look around.