Mouth Guard for Grinding Teeth: What to Look For

Finding a mouth guard for grinding teeth doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. There are certain things to look for, though, and that is what this short article will cover. Now, if you need a Night Guard for teeth grinding, go to your Dentist and buy a HARD Acrylic flat planned Splint. That is the Cadillac of night guards.

Okay, so, what do you want to look for with a night guard or mouth guard specifically for grinding teeth problems? Here are the general guidelines:

  • Look for one that actually protects your teeth from grinding.
  • One size should fit all — until you customize it with your bite.
  • It should be moldable for your particular bite (this is basic to know but important).
  • Should be custom fit for you for your convenience.
  • A hard acrylic and flat panel splint is widely regarded as the best of the best. You don’t need a Cadillac, though, if a Honda Accord will do. (Prices will range from $21 to $85 dollars or so.)
  • You should be able to close your mouth fairly comfortably.
  • You should have have a soft upper layer designed to cushion and absorb from jaw movement during the night yet a firm lower palate layer so as to prevent your teeth grinding.
  • Should be flexible and comfortable.
  • It should properly influence jaw alignment without exacerbating the problem.
  • Should be specifically designed to stop or limit grinding teeth.
  • A 100% or even better guarantee. (Due to Federal Trade Commission law in the United States, companies are required to offer a 30-day month-back guarantee. However, look for one that is 60 days or even longer.
  • Also look for one that offers a 125% money-back guarantee. Someone or some company that offers such an offer is very sure as to the efficacy of their product.
  • Should be easy to clean and re-usable. (You’d be surprised as to how often this not the case.)
  • Should be designed by a dentist, preferably a TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) specialist dentist.
  • Should have a storage case.

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re going to get a mouth guard for grinding teeth, I recommend you buy one that is endorsed or reviewed by an actual dentist — preferably a TMJ dentist who specializes in TMJ problems.

While there are many dental night guards for grinding teeth on the market, not all will be ideal for you. Don’t believe me? Look around. Some people have clearly different jaws, jawlines, teeth configurations and so on. While product manufacturers promise “one size fits all,” that is not always the case. It is most of the time, but there are exceptions. The truth is almost any good, solid night guard will work. The devil is in the details, though.