Losers Limb

The losers limb is the pre excuse you give yourself on why you are going to fail before you even begin. Unsuccessful people love having alibis and using the saying “if only”, so they have an excuse to explain there failures in the ring and outside of it. The size of your thinking is the size of your results. Some reasons why people have the losers limb can vary from individual to individual from fear of success, issues from there past or they let the negative people that they hang around with control their thoughts. Bottom line you are just giving yourself reasons to fail or not try at all.


Below is a list of “if only” alibis take an honest examination of yourself and see if you use any of these alibis in making excuses for yourself when it comes to training, your fight career or in your life.

* If only I was younger

* If only I had more time to train

* If only I was bigger

* If only I didn’t have a family to support

* If only I had more money

* If only I knew good trainers

* If only I didn’t care of what people think

* If only I had the talent of some people had

* If only I didn’t have to work so hard

* If only I lived in a big city

* If only I wasn’t out of shape

The list can go on and on. Having alibis will be fatal to your success. Listen to your thoughts and what you are saying to yourself. Having alibis’ is a habit that can be broken through constant practice and analysis.

“The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is of all things the most shameful and vile.” Plato