Looking for Sale Gym Equipment? Octane Fitness Q47e Elliptical Trainer Review

With the prices of fitness equipment so high these days, it pays to shop for sale gym equipment. But how to know what’s best to buy? Well, reading reviews can help a great deal. Here’s some information about a terrific elliptical trainer from Octane Fitness, the Q47e.

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

One thing we especially like about this elliptical cross trainer is that it includes a series of interactive programs that monitor the user’s pace and automatically adjust the stride length to maximise the workout. The Q47e’s SmartStride® provides a customised workout for every type a user, from beginner to expert. Another element we like is the machine’s HIP function. HIP stands for “hip indexing pivot” and provides an automatic measurement of the user’s hip height and speed that in turn optimises muscle use and stride throughout your workout.


Expect to pay about £2999.99 for the Q47e

Product Description:

We especially liked this machine’s ergonomics and technology. If you’re looking for a high-end elliptical that delivers a health club quality workout, the Q47e merits serious consideration. This machine has amazing enhanced electronics, including standard interval programs as well as the new Cross-Circuit® training feature. This allows the user to combine and customise on- and off-machine intervals for true cross training benefits. The 30:30 interval workout delivers an intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise session.

Product Specifications:

Electronic variable stride length adjusts from 18 to 26 inches in 1/2 inch increments

3-speed console fan

1.8″ pedal spacing that accurately replicates human biomechanics

ArmBlaster® feature provides customised upper-body strength workout

Converging Path® and MultiGrip® handlebars for exceptional variety and superior comfort

Customisable X-Mode® and GluteKicker® features

Soft grip pedals for comfort, safety and stability

Low step up height makes it exceptionally easy to get on and off the Q47e

Machine weight: 300 pounds

HeartLogic® feature includes five interactive workouts

Digital contact heart rate sensors deliver accurate readouts on workout intensity level.

Product Features:

Among the many high-end features we found on the Q47e was the patented Converging Path® and MultiGrip® handlebars that keep you stable and well balanced while delivering a challenging upper body workout. We appreciate the X-Mode feature that functions as a virtual personal trainer, prompting you to increase or decrease your pace, lean back, squat and more. The GluteKicker® is a fully customisable workout for the gluteals, hips and thighs that includes intervals for a range of lower body movements. The resistance and stride buttons are conveniently located on the Q47e’s handlebars.


If you’re considering buying an elliptical trainer, it’s important not to be swayed purely sale gym equipment. There’s so much more than just the price to consider. Despite the fact than a machine like the Octane Fitness Q47e carries a hefty price tag, don’t forget that you’re likely to have it for a long time. This is a quality machine that will provide years of trouble-free service as well as a good variety of workouts.