Local dentist sees business return after following pandemic guidelines | News

WEST GROVE — Nat King Cole sang: “Smile even if your heart is breaking.”

The cost of true happiness is priceless.

That’s why people turn to Dr. Jenny Chen Lemper, a dentist who opened her West Grove practice back in 2006, for stress-free dental work, evening during a pandemic.

On North Guernsey, Jenny Chen Pediatric and Family Dentistry is a West Grove based family dentist practice that treats patients from little children to senior citizens.

Chen operates her business as a pediatric dentist working diligently to ensure the children who visit her practice “feel comfortable during their appointment. With a friendly demeanor and conversation, we can help your child to feel right at home.”

“We want to help people,” Chen said, “children and adults, we love to create beautiful healthy smiles and we love to change lives.”

Chen lives in Landenberg with her husband, Michael Lemper, her partner in the practice. Together, the couple are raising their two sons who are both high schools students enrolled in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

“We are caring and passionate about creating healthy beautiful smiles,” she said. “Oral health is also directly linked to overall health and welfare of the body . We are here to save life and change life.”

The family practice provides comprehensive dental care from pediatric dentistry, orthodontics to implant dentistry and all routine dental care, such as scheduled cleanings.

“It is rewarding to see that a patient can smile and eat again after neglecting their oral care for a long time,” Chen said.

Chen opened her West Grove office in April 2006 and a satellite dentistry office was launched in Lancaster in November 2006.

The business has since grown to 17 employees.

“The kids that we cared for 15 years ago have already grown up and they will bring their own kids to us as well,” Chen said. “We see kids, their mom and grandparents all together.”

During the statewide shutdown from the pandemic earlier this year, everything came to a halt.

She said, “We strictly followed the government mandate and recommendation. We did emergency dental care only during the pandemic and closed all routine dental care.”

Still, Chen see’s the silver lining in her life, business and the world at-large.

“The pandemic took a pause in our lives and also gave us the time to reset and recharge,” she said. “We spent more time updating the equipment and improving our technology. We become more efficient moving into digital dentistry, digital scanning, digital 3D printing.”

Another consequence now, in the wake of the pandemic, is the practice now provides more implant dentistry service.

When the shutdown first began in March, Chen noted, “We strictly followed the government’s mandate and recommendations. We did emergency dental care only during the pandemic and closed all routine dental care.”

Of Southeastern Pennsylvania, she said: “This community is very friendly and diverse and helping each other. We see people who speak English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic. And we have staff that can accommodate all the languages as well, so we can provide best knowledge and information to our patients.”

The practice also reaches out to the community to help others in need, including children living in poverty with dire needs for support — such as children suffering from cliff plates since birth.

Her love of dentistry never being far from the surface, Chen decided to devote her life to the profession. She earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 2004.

After several years honing her skills as an associate dentist at busy practices across the greater Philadelphia region, she settled in Chester County to open her own practice.

Chen, who was born in China, said her father inspires her the most in this world.

“He always inspired me to excel and do my best,” she said.

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