‘It feels like my points are near worthless’

Until recently Joshua Kempton was confident that the 523 points he achieved in the Leaving Cert two years ago was more than enough to study engineering in UCD.

Having seen the scale of grade inflation under the new calculated grades process, the 20-year-old now feels his CAO points are “near worthless”.

“With such a drastic increase in grades this year, it feels like years of my formal education appear to have be effectively wasted,” says Kempton, from Blacklion on the Cavan-Fermanagh border.

Thousands of other deferred applicants like Joshua are worried that grade inflation will send CAO points soaring and they will miss out out on courses they would normally have qualified for.

For Joshua, he says he started a biomedical science course at UCD in 2018, but ended up withdrawing due partly to mental health reasons.

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