Is Dentistry a Lucrative Career?

There are many careers that are associated with medicine and one of the fields is dentistry. When many students get to Medicine School they are usually confused on whether to pursue a degree in dentistry as many people here want to be specialist doctors.

The fact is that dentistry is just like any branch of medicine in some sorts as you specialize in treating peoples’ teeth. It is a growing industry because you will never miss anyone who has problems with their teeth. It is also a well paying job and is one of the highest paid jobs in the world. This is because before anyone becomes a licensed dentist you will have to go through eight years of training. The last two years usually involve treating the patients while the first six years are divided into various fields such as clinical science anatomy and many more.

There are many options on where to work and thus it is very unlikely that you miss a job once you graduate. In fact, most schools post their students in various places around the country. You can work in government or private hospitals. You can also be employed by medical insurance firms or provide for them your services in some sorts. If you have the will and ambition, you can start your own private firm. There is also field for more studies that help you to be more specialized which in turn translates to more money. Dentist wages vary for a number of reasons which are: the place where you work, private practices usually generate more money. The field you are in also matters as some fields are paid more. The average salary a dentist earns is around 147,000 dollars while an orthodontist can earn up to 186,000 dollars. If you have the passion to study it you can do so as it is a lucrative career.