Interval Marketing for Your Dental Practice!

If you would like to use “interval marketing” to have your dental practice busy all year long, then read this short article.

It will explain everything.

Interval Marketing for Dentists:

I was working-out to a new “popular” program. And I have to say, it has me shredded and toned in just a couple of weeks. How so? Well, the whole program is based around interval training. Meaning, you get your heart rate up for one minute. Then you take it down for a minute. You do this on-and-off for 45 minutes… and you have yourself one heck of a workout.

So, I got to thinking.

In the world of marketing, you’ll hear the acronym A.B.M.

Which stands for:




I’m in favor of continuous marketing. It’s definitely necessary, like blood to a vampire. Only problem is it can be exhausting for most dental practice owners. Especially when you account for all the other “things” required to run a successful dental practice.

I’ve found that “interval marketing” is much better.

What’s interval marketing?

Well, it falls into 3 easy steps:

(1) Choose two dates a month.

(2) Get your 80% of your “bread and butter” marketing out on the first date… preferably early in the month.

(3) Get 20% of your “new” marketing out on a second date.

For example:

On January 2nd send out a patient newsletter… a new neighbor campaign… a referral system… and your ezine. And then on January 24th test-out a National Belly Laughter campaign. This is an example. And yes, it happens that the 24th of January is National Belly Laughter day. Which is ripe for all kinds of marketing campaigns. Make sure you plan these dates ahead of time. Have your printer (or online folks) ready to go. And get your campaigns out the door. This takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. And it’s much easier to focus and not feel overwhelmed.