How to properly dispose of expired or unused prescription drugs –

ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics recently received reports of scammers claiming to be associated with pharmacies going door-to-door to collect expired or unwanted prescription medications.

“That is something a local pharmacy would not be doing,” said Reed Family Pharmacy co-owner and pharmacist Rebecca Reed. 

OBN advises people not to give anyone their prescriptions, and instead report any similar incident to their local police department. 

“That is absolutely people trying to get into your house, or trying to get your narcotics or medications that aren’t being used anymore,” OBN Director Donnie Anderson said. 

If your medicine is expired or unused, you should take it to a designated disposal box.

Reed Family Pharmacy in Ardmore also has a medication disposal box available. 

“Medications are for a particular person, and that medication may not work for someone else, or it could even harm them,” Reed explained. 

Many overdoses in Oklahoma happen after unwanted medication gets into another person’s hands. 

“There are kids that go around and do what they call ‘raids,’” Anderson said. “They raid different families’ medicine cabinets and have parties with them. That is where we have a lot of fatal and non-fatal overdoses from the prescriptions left in your medicine cabinets.”