How Can I Fix My Boyfriend’s Bad Breath?

Your boyfriend’s bad breath may be a real problem for you but trust me that you are not alone in thinking this.

Many of us have experienced our boyfriend’s (and girlfriend’s) bad breath but this subject is made more difficult because our other half often do not understand they they have bad breath.

There are many ways to address this problem.

One way to stop your boyfriend’s bad breath is to practice excellent dental and mouth hygiene yourself. In addition to a spare toothbrush, leave a bottle of mouthwash over at his place and some floss. Tell him that he can use it if he wants.

When he sees the efforts that you make to please him, he’ll want to do the same for you.

Our habits often rub off on each other so another thing to try is to drink more water and less caffeinated drinks and alcohol when around him. This will encourage him to do likewise and stave off the threat of boyfriend’s bad breath.

This sort of hygiene is probably enough to stave off your boyfriend’s bad breath in the vast majority of cases. No longer will you have to hold your breath when you go to kiss him or engage in pillow talk.

If you are very unlucky that the above has not worked or that he has not tried to do anything about his bad breath, you may be forced to try the last resort and be honest and break it to him that his breath smells.

The best way to reveal the reality of your boyfriend’s bad breath is to let him know when he might otherwise expect it anyway. So, in the morning whilst still in bed, tell him nicely that his breath smells. Don’t say that his breath “stinks”. He could take it the wrong way and react badly.

You’ll find that most men will react well to this sort of tactic. If you still detect your boyfriend’s bad breath despite his best efforts to cure it, then hr may have rotting food lodged in the tonsils. In this case, he should go see his doctor for appropriate treatment.