Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, made of hickory hardwood, are highly valued and opted for their resilience, beauty, prominent grains and strength. Hickory is a sturdy North American hardwood, which is highly durable and distinctive, and at the same time, difficult and tedious to work with. For this reason, majority of cabinet manufacturers do not prefer hickory. Though light in weight, the texture of hickory is coarse and the open grains provide a rustic, warm look. Hickory wood color varies wildly from deep brown to a blond mild hue, with burls and knots and streaks of mineral emphasizing a natural bark. Hickory hardwood is receptive to stains and dark finishes mellow inherent variations in color. Hickory cabinets finished with hazelnut and cognac glazes are very beautiful to behold and last a life time.

A few unique characteristics of hickory cabinets are to be noted. The hardwood is fine grained with lovely, beautiful patterns and the colors vary. Though tough, the hardwood is smooth with a fine texture. For finishing touch, the grain welcomes dark to medium colors and accommodates bleaching. The heartwood of hickory is dark red while the sapwood is wide and white in color. You have to be careful while employing cutters. You will find yourself going smooth for sometime and suddenly a great chunk of wood gets loose and falls off. Due to the grains and density, people usually employ carbide and this culminates in a dull and long lasting cut. With the advent of new coatings which reflect heat, and with the application of high quality steels, hickory wood can be sharply cut. Hence a better and suitable finish can be obtained while employing hickory wood in cabinetry.

A major disadvantage of hickory cabinet has to be kept in mind. Intolerant to moisture, this wood is prone to damage due to decay. Hence the life span of hickory kitchen cabinets gets reduced. Hickory cabinets are costly to afford and hence not prevalent on a wide scale. The hickory natural finish, the hickory honey spiced finish, the hickory sunset finish and the hickory muslin finish are some of the exotic brands among hickory kitchen cabinets. Italian hickory cabinets are ever in demand for the sophistication and precision techniques involved in the manufacturing process. Popular dealers display a wide variety of cabinet features and designs including all functional and decorative accents, apt counter tops and price listings. Hickory cabinets are offered lifetime warranty.