Health and Hotness Help for Returning to Your Gym from Mark Fisher Fitness Trainer Harold Gibbons!

BWW x MFF Health and Hotness Help with Mark Fisher Fitness’s Steward of Strength Harold Gibbons is back to help you make the most of your fitness, if and when you return to a gym as they open in your area.

There’s a good chance that you’ve been exercising at home successfully since the beginning of the pandemic, which leads to the question, “Why would you go back to a gym?” For me, the answer is all about access. When you’re exercising in a weight room, you have access to weights!

When exercising at home, you really can only manipulate one variable, and that’s the volume of repetitions – sets multiplied by reps. Initially, this works to honor the Principle of Progressive Overload, which says that we need to do increase the amount of work done over time to make continued progress, but eventually you’re limited by time, not by strength.

Having access to a weight room, like the Dragon Lair at MFF, is essential for following a structured training plan that forms the foundation of your fitness. The biggest benefit of getting back into the gym is that you’ll have access to the equipment that helps you get stronger and fitter so that you can get the best bang for your fitness buck!

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