Granny’s Pet Peeves from Granny’s Journal

Today’s Pet Peeves:

1. People who slop up the microwave and don’t clean it. Granny will probably do it when she can’t stand it anymore.

2. People who make no left turn signal, turn in front of you, illegally, than wave their middle finger at you as you are frantically hitting the brakes to miss them.

3. A close second to leaving the toilet seat up? Leaving the shower button on so the next person turning on water to fill the tub gets their head soaked.

4. People who come up with all these great ideas for projects then leave doing the actual work to others.

5. People who use the drive up window at the bank then do so many transactions that you just sit there and breathe their fumes for ten minutes until you finally drive around and go inside. Then you find out there’s only one teller and she’s still taking care of drive up window.

6. The dentist who told me, without batting an eye, that I needed two root canals at fifteen hundred dollars each. No wonder he wears a mask!

Well, I sure wasted money today. Bought a box of twenty Christmas cards and since I only have two friends, these cards will last me ten years. Maybe I could find another friend and use them up sooner. Fat chance of finding another friend.

Another peeve: Shirts and blouses used to have one tag at the neck. Now they are up to three annoying tags or labels that poke and irritate neck and side. I just read an ad that said, “No annoying tags or labels.” They couldn’t see that coming? Now they have imprint with name and washing instructions that shows through shirt. And those plastic things that hold the labels and instructions that you have to cut off and one piece goes flying to who knows where.