Golf Training Aids

Training is very much a part of any sport, to play the game better and efficiently. For this purpose of training many aid are available to enhance the skill, fitness, etc. Golf training aids facilitates every facet of the game, whether the need is to develop the golf swing or put into practice the putting skills. The different golf training aids are golf simulators, swing trainers, practice balls, putting cups, aim trainers, nets, putting aids, mats, putting greens, therapeutic aids and many more.

To improve the fitness of the golfer, aids like balance disks, gripmaster, resistance cord, medicine balls, power swing trainer, core balance ball, gravity grip, books to learn power swings and DVD s for complete golf gym work out. These practice aids can be typed as either therapeutic or fitness. The brands that manufacture these fitness training aids are Assorted, Booklegger, Golfgym, and Izzo. Mats are also made available as training equipments by brands like Bag boy, Golfsmith, Softee and Truestrike. The varieties of mats are driving mat, heavy-duty practice mats, fairway practice mats, electric putting mat, chipping mirrors and mat.

Nets are also present for training. These nets are portable too. Umbrella type practice nets and golf net cages are also there. The leading producers are Classic sports, Freform, and Teedup. There are other practice aids like computer software’s to improve golfing skills, putting mats, equipments to assess swings and the strength of a shot. A few of the training aids which combine lot of technology are inside approach stance minder training aid, swing glove, practice flag stick, strike zone training, eye line training with mirror, label on impact tape, break master digital green, and golf coach right link

An assortment of putting training equipments like putting green, putting alignment aid, putting cup and putting track is seen. Bracelets are also a part of golf fitness and training equipment. They serve the purpose of being both a fashionable accessory and therapeutic. Swing trainers and analyzers also crowd the market with the credits of improving a golf swing to the level of professional golfers. The equipments that have this credit are electronic swing groover, hand dual hinged driver, momentous strength trainer, golf launchpad simulator, G6 watch and power hitters.

Whatever range of training equipments a golfer may possess becomes a waste, without a regular and consistent training schedule. Without that specially designed fitness program, there is no effect on the skills involved in the game.