Fun Workouts Trends

The challenge of motivating people to become active and keeping existing clients faithful to ongoing regimens has triggered an evolution of fitness trends in gyms and health clubs. No longer just a place where fitness enthusiasts pump iron and run on treadmills, health clubs now cater to a wide range of clients by offering exciting training classes, new exercise formats and equipment.

Check out the following fitness trends currently sweeping health clubs:

Outdoor exercises

Exercising outside the four walls of a gym or fitness centre has gained popularity among clients who are looking for a fun way to work out as a group. Aside from the promise of getting a bikini-ready body in time for summer, the camaraderie and fun-filled activities held outdoors keep participants of bikini boot camps motivated amidst rigorous physical training.

Personal training

Inspired by famous celebrities whose physical transformations are credited to personal trainers, one-on-one personal training, and of late, training sessions shared by two clients, are popular requests in health clubs.

Personal trainers are in demand because of the immediate and visible results that one can get from a customised and focused approach. Certified trainers not only help design personalised workout routines but also act as lifestyle coaches and fitness counsellors to their clients.

Mind-body fusion classes

While Pilates and yoga remain popular, health clubs now offer new twists to these mainstays with mind-body fusion classes. Fusion classes combine two or more formats, training methods or equipment choices such as yoga and ballet, yoga and stability ball combinations, and Pilates and tango. People turn to these cross-training classes to get better results or to break an exercise plateau.

Danced-based classes

Fun and excitement are great motivators for sticking to exercise, as well as the primary reasons why dance-based classes are always jam-packed. Great music, an inspiring dance instructor and a room full of eager participants make danced-based classes all the rage in health clubs. Dance students lose themselves in the music and dance movements while reaping the cardio benefits almost effortlessly, a contradiction to the “no pain, no gain” mantra of working out.

Other fitness activities that continue to have a following are strength training, Pilates, core conditioning, abdominals, and yoga. Stability balls, resistance tubing and bands, treadmills, elliptical trainers and recumbent cycles as well remain exercise favourites.

With the amenities and array of activities being offered through memberships, health clubs are ideal for people with special needs, fitness enthusiasts, weight watchers and those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle.