For Better Health, Know Your OPTIONS!

Like, with most things, in life, the better we know, and understand, the various, relevant possibilities, of overall health, and well – being, the better – off, we will probably be! One should begin, by developing, a good relationship, with a trusted, health professional, in order to ensure, all the foreseeable possibilities, are considered. However, a large number of the ailments, we often, suffer from, are not, life – threatening, and, may be treated, and/ or, addressed by, wisely selecting the best alternative, for you, and your situation! Therefore, it is wise, to those, seeking better health, to know their OPTIONS! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, this matters.

1. Opportunities; offers: Life has many obstacles, and, whether we are overcome by them, and perceive them, as debilitating problems, or merely, challenges, to address and overcome, often, differentiates, between, taking advantage of all life has to offer, or dwelling on the negative possibilities!

2. Priorities; plans: How committed are you, to your stated health priorities? Will you continue, partaking in unwise health practices, such as smoking, etc, or, will you prioritize, stopping? Will you consider, and make viable plans, to put yourself, and your health, happiness, and well – being, first?

3. Time – tested; trends; timely: Health treatment and management, constantly evolve, and our understanding of treatments, must help us focus, on our needs, etc! When we know current trends, proceed in a time – tested way, and avoid procrastinating, proceeding in a well – considered, timely manner, often, determines, our overall health!

4. Image (self – image); innovate; imagination: Are you satisfied with most aspects of your self – image, and will you proceed, with the quality imagination, to be prepared, to innovate, positively, on your own behalf?

5. Organized; open – mind: Avoid haphazard approaches, and/ or direction, but, proceed, with an organized plan, to balance your use of conventional and alternative medical approaches, techniques, and treatments! This requires having an open – mind, so, you will think, outside – the – box!

6. Needs: In an objective, introspective manner, consider, thoroughly your personal needs, and priorities, and proceed, in your best – interests!

7. Service; self; self – help; strengths/ stronger: What approach, might provide, the level of service, you need? Take care of your self, and emphasize, the concepts, of enhancing, self – help! Identify your personal strengths, and take advantage of them, in your quest of becoming stronger, happier, and healthier!

When you know, and understand, your OPTIONS, your possibilities for greater health and well – being, improve, dramatically! Will you become, your own, best friend?