Finding Dental Jobs Online

Finding the right job is important. You might have trained as a dentist and you have just completed your internship. You’ve decided that you want to work now instead of continuing your education. So where do you find good jobs for novice or trained dentists? Let’s find out

The Dental Association

Immediately after completing your education, dentists are supposed to register with the state or country dental association. The association will also have a separate recruitment section in which novice and expert dentists can register for locum or permanent jobs. Employers will also list their jobs on the site and you can apply for jobs directly through the website.

Private recruitment websites

Dentists are high demand all through the world. There are special recruitment agencies that enroll dentists and then match them to the right job. Please note that the agency may charge you fees for the recruitment process and you will have to sign a contract with the agency. Employment agencies will also require experienced candidates as employers required trained candidates for hospital jobs.

Volunteer with national agencies

Large national organizations like the WHO, The Dale Foundation, and Doctors without Boundaries usually do hire dentists to work on a contract basis. However, you do require experience to be eligible for these jobs. A few of these jobs also require additional degrees in special areas of dentistry. Although most of these are unpaid jobs, you will gain a lot of experience and technical knowledge along with management techniques for a range of organizations. We recommend you keep an eye on these websites to learn more.

Teach in hospitals, private medical, dental and health institutions.

Teaching is a very lucrative profession and almost all health colleges hire lecturers and professors every year. We recommend you make a list of the most prominent hospitals and colleges in your community. Visit the college and schedule an interview with the HR department. The HR personnel usually do keep CVs on hold till vacancies appear and they will contact you for the job.

Alternative professions

If clinical dentistry is not your thing, you can easily try lateral careers by which you can make a living. For example, the medical coding and insurance profession always requires trained doctors to teach and carry out coding jobs. You can also try medical transcription, pharmaceutical marketing and training etc. as alternative professions. Medical Transcription for Dentist is also important in the healthcare facilities.

As a dental professional, these just a few of the many opportunities available. We do recommend however, that you continue your education to increase your chances of getting a higher salary and a better job.