Finding an Authoritative Health Magazine

Many consumers today get their health information from the internet, TV, and magazines. It is also true that most of the published materials are also availed online at some point. While the resources are great, some offer information that is good and up to date while others do not. Things have become very convenient these days and there are many health magazines that have become available online today.

If you are using the web, then you should find out more about who exactly is running that site. You should always base your focus on the quality. You should be skeptical. When you read things and they sound as if they are too good to be true, most probably they are. You should always seek information that is based on research, is unbiased, and is current especially when it has to do with health.

There are some steps that can be followed to ensure that you achieve just that.

Consider the source

You should only use the sources that are responsible and recognized. Find out whether the information is from an individual, a commercial institution, a health system, a professional organization, a non-profit organization, or even the federal government. This can make a very big difference in the kind of material that you end up reading. A website should also display the contact information because lack of information is usually a bad sign.


Websites are not created the same. There are those that have an editorial board, meaning that information is first reviewed before it is published. You can find the information on the mission statement or the about us page. Sometimes the website could also have a section where information about the health writes is given or the authors. Sometimes, even though the magazine is not published by health professionals, there could be links to resources from people who actually are authorities in that area. These are some of the things that will guarantee that you actually end up with the best information.


Sometimes some of the things written seem to be out of this world. Beware of magazines that give cures for different illness and call them breakthroughs or sites that give secret ingredients. Also, be careful with a site that uses sensational writing where so many exclamation marks are used and so on. The best health magazine should use simple language.


You should look for the evidence behind claims made. Be reliant on medical research rather than opinion. Look for references or author information. Testimonials and case histories should have contact information. Anonymous testimonials should never be relied on.


This is the other thing that you definitely need to check. Consider how current the information given is. Look at the dates on the documents. Latest treatments should always be very current.

Biased information

You should always be very aware of any kind of bias. Find out the main purpose of the site and if it is supported by commercial advertising. Always make sure that you protect your privacy too. Make sure the magazine has a privacy policy in place.