Exercises For Love Handles

Excess amount of fat deposits in the lower region of the abdominal muscles is termed as love handles. Love handles develop due to the accumulation and development of excess amount of fatty tissues in this area. The bulge is further aggravated due to gravitational pulls from the sides. Love handles destroy one’s appearance and make an ugly impression when it comes to looks. Therefore people with these unwanted structures strive to lose them at any cost.

Love handles can be got rid of only through a proper diet and exercising. Though there are some ways to burn fat without exercising, they are not recommended as they won’t be giving you any toning of the muscles. On the other hand, there are exercises that will raise your metabolic rate and tone your muscles while you lose your love handles. However, you have to follow a healthy diet along with exercising in order to lose your love handles and keep your abs flat forever.

Exercises that focus only on diminishing your love handles are not much effective. Rather those exercises that tone up your entire body are helpful in losing love handles. In order to burn excess fats that are accumulated, your metabolism should be elevated. There are no specific exercises that can reduce love handles, thus those exercises and workouts that aid in toning up the entire body by burning up excess fats accumulated are collectively referred to as “exercises for love handles”.

Here are some exercises picked out of the never ending list of exercises for love handles for you to follow in order to get rid of your love handles. Start now with an appropriate diet and a regular exercise scheduled to get that ugly stuff away!

Cardiovascular Exercises for love handles

Cardiovascular exercises for love handles elevate your body’s metabolism and aid in getting rid of love handles in an effective manner. Involve in cardiovascular exercises for 20 to 45 minutes per day. There are indoor cardiovascular exercises as well as outdoor ones. Stationary bicycles, treadmill, stair climbers, ladder climbers, elliptical trainers and rowing machines are indoor cardiovascular exercises. Swimming, biking, jogging, treadmill, running, rowing, hiking and walking are outdoor cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises should be accompanied with other regular exercises like crunches, pull-ups and push-ups to get rid of your love handles. In the beginning, it will be a few weeks before you realise any positive changes in your abdominal structure. However, prompt positive effects will be realised in the areas of metabolism and mental alertness within a few days.


Crunches are abdominal exercises. They help you to lose love handles by lowering fats in the abdominal region. Here are three different types of crunches that concentrate more on your love handles. To have an effective reduction of love handles, we recommend you to repeat the below given crunches at least 25 times each.

  1. Regular Crunches
  2. Lie back on the ground over a floor mat and keep your feet fixed to the floor with raised knees. Fold both your hands on the back of your head for support. Now slowly lift up your head and try to touch your knees, while keeping your stomach tight. Return back to the initial position now.

  3. Twisted Crunch
  4. Lie back on the floor and keep your hands folded at the back of your head. Now bend your right knee, stretch the left leg and raise your head slowly and flex to touch the left elbow with the right knee. Now repeat this with the left leg.

  5. Reverse Crunch

Lie back on the ground over a floor mat and keep your feet fixed to the floor with raised knees. Fold both your hands on the back of your head for support. Lift up your knees to come in contact with the elbows. During this exercise, your head and your upper body should not move. They should lie flat on the floor.

Trunk Twists

Stand up straight and place your two feet at a distance of one foot from each other. Turn your waist to the right and to the left alternatively, while keeping the legs and knees stationed. When you turn to your right, move around your left arm in that direction; and when you turn to your left, move your right arm in that direction.

Leg Flapping

Lie down on a floor mat such that your abdomen touches the ground. Raise your head slowly while you place your arms firmly at your sides. Now raise your legs and your knees and flutter them to and fro one by one.

Dumbbell exercise

Take two small dumbbells or two small mineral water bottles. Stand straight placing your feet far apart (shoulder width distance). Bend your arms and hold the dumbbells at close proximity to your body. Twist your hip and legs, while keeping your legs straight as you bend sideways.

Lean to your left from your waist and stretch your right hand to your left. Come back to the initial position and return back your arm to your body. Repeat the same with your right side and stretch your left hand to your right.

Stability-Ball Twist

Lie yourself on your back over a stability ball while keeping your feet on the ground. At your chest level, hold a medicine ball and stretch your arms. Place your buttock on the ball, and slowly turn your trunk to the left till your knuckles point towards the wall. Now get back to the centre and do the same with the next side.

Roll and curl

Start with a push-up like posture, keeping your feet rested on a stability ball, and your hands on the ground distanced at shoulder width. Place your abdomen and buttock tight; bend your knees to roll the ball towards the right of your chest. Stretch your legs to rotate the ball back to the initial position. Now do the same with the left.

Medicine-Ball Twist

Lie on the floor while holding a medicine ball with both the hands with your face upwards. Bend your knees at right angle with your feet on the ground. Do an abdominal crunch by twisting your shoulders to your right while pulling the ball to the right side of your thighs; simultaneously, move your knees to the left. Get back to the initial position and do the same with the other side.