Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Female At Home: Crunches, Twists & Lifts

Belly fat is a stubborn nuisance and definite health hazard to women worldwide. Some women take action to fight this natural occurrence of the human body. On the other hand, others ignore belly fat or are uncertain of how to manage it. Bottom line, belly fat loss requires a consistent effort of exercise and the proper diet. Furthermore, exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home is fun and healthy.

To start, hit your own bedroom floor and work up a sweat by performing the following ab exercises. The beauty of this exercise to reduce belly fat for a female at home is itʼs simplicity. Thankfully, all you need is your body and a supportive floor mat. Crunches are one of the most effective abdominal workouts to burn fat.


Crunch exercises are pretty simple in terms of movement but challenging to perform in repetition. A basic crunch exercise consists of torso movement as you elevate from lying down to upright. To begin, lay your body flat on the floor with knees bent and feet flat. Next, support your head and neck by placing each hand behind your head. Then pull your torso upward toward your bent knees while exhaling. Finally, lower your torso backward and lie flat again as you inhale. Repeat these steps for 9 reps or more, depending on your level of strength and experience. Perform this workout a few times per day for best results.

Crunch Twist

Famous singer Chubby Checker was known for doing “The Twist”, but not quite like this workout. Twist crunches are quite similar in movement and body position to basic crunches. The only difference is, you must twist your torso from left to right instead of forward. As you lay flat with knees bent, twist one shoulder toward the opposite side of your body. Allow that shoulder to lower back to the floor, then twist the opposite shoulder in the same way. Perform each twist for 10 times two or three times per day.

Russian Twist

Another type of twisting exercise known for burning belly fat is known as the Russian twist. It is recommended to have a medicine ball about the size of your chest to perform this ab exercise. Sit on the floor near a bed or other piece of furniture that has space at the bottom. Then, prop your feet underneath the furniture bottom. As you prop your feet,

bend your knees and keep your torso upright. Hold the ball in front of you with both hands and lean your torso back slightly to about a 90 degree angle. Your feet propped underneath the furniture should support this seated position. Also, you should feel a bit of tension at your core as you lean back. While in this position, twist your torso left to right, tapping the floor with the ball each time on each side of your body. Repeat each twist and tap move for 10 reps, rest and repeat additional sets.

Leg Lifts

Again, for this exercise lay down horizontally with your back against the floor. As you lay, let your arms lie on each side of your torso and legs flat on the floor. Slowly lift your legs upward at a vertical angle. Then lower your legs back onto the floor to a horizontal position. Repeat these leg lifts and lowering for 10 to 15 reps. The key is to keep your torso and arms flat as your legs elevated. As a result, you will work the muscles of your abdomen with each leg lift and drop.

In conclusion, abdominal exercises are great and a proven belly fat burning solution. Enjoy the sweat and pump of each rep as another step closer to your goal of weight loss. But keep in mind, consistency is key in your weight loss journey and without it belly fat is likely to remain. To increase your chances of belly fat loss, combine these abdominal workouts with cardiovascular and strength training.