Exercise Science, Physics and Yin & Yang


I am just sharing some insights and information regarding Exercise science,physics and Yin and Yang principles. The information is based on my background and interest in eastern and western health/wellnes systems. My experience is over ten years of strength & conditioning training with discliplines in bodybuilding, interval training, sports performance, tai chi chuan, yoga, pilates, nutrition and meditation.

There are many roads that one can choose to meet their fitness goals..this is the path i have chosen.. We can learn from Tai Chi masters all the way to trailblazers in the fitness world.

This is an ongong project … Currently the exercise menu ranges from Yoga Tree Pose->Medicine Ball Circles->Single Leg Deadlifts

Here are some excerpts: Not all in order…

Maximum Boost Workout Book © vol.1

A Seamless integration of Western exercise science and Eastern holistic arts.

(4) HIIT Workouts–High Intensity Interval Training.

‘Exercise science, physics and Yin and Yang Principles :

MBW’s philosophy works side by side with exercise science, physics and Yin & Yang principles.

Fitness Foundry workouts stimulate muscular hypertrophy (muscle growth and increase neural drive to the muscle fibers. The exercises assist in reprogramming the brain -nerves-muscle connection- in activating muscles automatically.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Yin/Yang 3 principles compared with exercise science:

A) The Root of Complementary: synergist/assistor muscles- stabilization, mobility.

B) The Root of Opposites: flexion-extension/sagittal/frontal- stretch/strengthen

C) The Root of Balance: Transverse Plane-Rotary exercises/core development

Synergy of these systems is sublime and evolves with practice.

All of the dynamic motion in Maximum Boost Workout standing exercises should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, controlled by the waist and directed through the arms and fingers (from Tai Chi Classics).

Since these exercises require total alignment, our mind body connection will improve. Lastly, moving with a slow tempo requires even more control, concentration and breathing. This allows Neuromuscular Activation, injury prevention and self-efficacy.

‘Rationale for focusing on core musculature, single leg stance and transverse/rotary exercises:’

Muscle insertion is a contributing factor to core/trunk strength, stability and development. Example: Lower back and gluteus, lower abdominals and hip flexor muscles, oblique and adductors. This is called the functional line, performing MBW is designed to around the functional line.

Lower back and abdominal muscles provides strength and stability in body movements in all planes and angles. Also is the center for all transference of power from lower body to upper body and the opposite. (Important for sports, dancing and daily activities).

MBW places the body in an unbalanced position which requires stabilization strength and coordination through out the functional line..

The human body is designed to move in all planes.

Technology has devolved us to a 2 dimensional world.

Focal Points–

Instruction on how use Heart Rate Monitor for H.I.I.T-High Intensity Interval Training

Learning New Exercises that incorporates both East & West systems

That’s all. Thank you for your time.