EverBright Smile Teeth Whitening System Review

I have spent years dealing with friends and family asking me why I rarely smile in photographs. The hardest part of looking at the rare photo where I was actually smiling was realizing just how dingy and dull my smile was compared to everyone else in the picture. As an ex-smoker and heavy soda drinker, my teeth have always been very lackluster in appearance and I was almost always embarrassed to let others see why I was so ashamed of my smile.

I researched several teeth whitening options over the years, but nothing seemed to be feasible. My dentist offered to do an in office procedure that was not covered under my dental insurance because it was considered cosmetic. Unfortunately, without insurance assistance, the cost was way out of my price range. Dental veneers were an option to restore a pearly smile, but, once again, they were no where near my level of affordability. I can’t even remember how many drugstore products I tried, with no luck, to whiten my smile. Countless toothpastes, whitening strips and other “miracle” products often ended up being thrown away after a few weeks when no results were even slightly visible.

While browsing the web one day, I ran across an ad for a product called EverBright. Fast results, easy to use and other wonderful claims were plentiful in the customer reviews listed on the website. They were offering a free in home trial of their product for just the cost of shipping and handing so I decided to give it a shot.

When the system arrived, it included a mouth tray and a peroxide based gel which was to be inserted into the mouth tray which was to then be worn for 15 minutes then removed and rinsed off. There was no strong odor or unpleasant taste that I had encountered before with other products. I grabbed my camera and snapped one of the rare open mouth smile pictures of myself to use as a reference later on.

I began to use the EverBright system nightly for the next few days and, after a week, I decided to snap another picture just to see if it had actually made a difference. I literally cried when I held the pictures side by side. My teeth had never been so white, my smile never brighter. Thanks to EverBright, I had the smile I always dreamed of having and, just for the record, I smile in every picture now.