Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Mold, and Farming – How Are They Connected?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED), mold, and farming seem like an odd mix. But in my opinion there is a very close connection with men involved in farming, their working with or handling feed or grains containing mold, and the incidence of having Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or symptoms leading up to it. Sometimes the effects of mold come on so slowly that the symptoms are missed or ignored altogether.

On some occasions however, someone may get physically ill very quickly from mold contact in a silo or grain bin and must be attended to in an emergency situation. The amount, toxicity level, and length of time exposed all have a factor on how your body is able to handle your exposure. In any case, the first concern by the medical profession has been to determine if the lungs and respiratory system are impaired. This is of course very important, but I believe they sometimes seem to overlook the possible long term effects of mold ingestion which may lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

As farmers we have always been told to never give grains contaminated with mold to our animals to eat. Even using bedding containing mold is a practice that should be avoided. Veterinarians and farmers alike know that toxic levels of mold in feed or bedding can easily render an animal sick or in a worst case scenario, cause death.

This ingestion of mold in cattle feed or bedding, if concentrated enough, can be noticed quickly by following the state of health of the animals involved. Even moldy feed or bedding that does not have excessively high concentrations in it still have an affect on them, just more in the long term, but are none the less just as serious. Animals become sluggish, their appetite may suppress, and most noticeable the sex drive may diminish which creates a problem with reproduction. Females tend to not have very strong heat cycles, have less of them, or not come into heat at all. It can also cause the cow to abort. The male animals are less aggressive sexually and tend to show less interest in the females.

I know this may sound over simplified, but the mold and it’s mycotoxin that enters the lungs or gets ingested, eventually enters the blood stream can have some devastating effects.

If mold and it’s mycotoxin has such an affect on the health of the reproductive system of your farm animals, then why should we think that mold or mycotoxin in our system will not have the possible same effects. Most farmers work side by side with their animals breathing the same air and sharing the same environment while tending them.

As farmers we don’t always take the precautions we should, like wearing a mask or moving away from poorly ventilated areas. We think that our exposure may only be for a short time and after your done coughing, wheezing, and spitting up phlegm, it’ll all go away.

But, what if it doesn’t go away?

So, how do you know if you’ve possibly been affected by mold that has gotten into the animal feed or bedding. Sometime it’s not easy to tell, especially if it was a small amount.

Common symptoms are:

1) Respiratory distress – coughing, sneezing, phlegm

2) Difficulty swallowing – choking, spitting up mucus

3) Dirt like taste in mouth – coated tongue

4) Headaches

5) Confusion – like being intoxicated, slurred speech

6) Reproductive complications

There are many more symptoms that may occur. Symptoms depend on your duration of exposure, concentration of mold where you were working, or how often you’ve put yourself in a place where there is mold. Sometimes a little exposure over several months or years will eventually lead to the body finally having a major reaction.

Very little information is available on the subject of the connection between farming, mold, and the incidence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but if you look into a veterinarian’s medical journal the information is plentiful.

The most helpful and detailed information I found out about mold’s affects on the human body is in a book called “The Fungus Link” by Doug Kaufmann. This book not only explains in easy to understand terms how the ingestion of mold or it’s mycotoxin may cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but also, how to find out if it is a problem you may have. If you believe mold maybe the cause of symptoms you are experiencing, the book has detailed steps on how to eliminate it from your system.

For men who are farming or who have worked around products that may have contained mold and you have some or all of these symptoms, it’s not too late. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) does not have to be a life sentence. For not only your sake, but for those you love and love you, the book is worth reading.