E-Lybra Bio-Resonance and Dental Care

The e-Lybra bioresonance natural healing system can be remarkably effective in managing dental pain. Recently a client asked me to help him with pain around a particular molar. His dentist was uncertain what the problem was and wanted to wait to see what developed in the hope that the tooth could be saved. The client was taking pain killers to manage the trauma. After one, two hour e-Lybra session things began to change and a healing crises ensued with the face becoming noticeably swollen and red.

I gave the client an e-capsule which contains a radio transmitter tag which would hold the bioresonance frequency patterns and emit them when the e-capsule was within three inches of his body. He was instructed to keep the e-capsule in his pocket so that he could receive continuous healing. I continued to run the e-Lybra on him at regular intervals and by the end of day three he was free of pain and within five days free of discomfort too. A month later there is no sign of any reoccurence and the tooth is saved.

I was unable to tell the client what the problem was as the e-Lybra is not a diagnostic tool. I ran an e-Lybra healing programme using thousands of healing frequencies in the hope that the body would pick up and use the right one, which it obviously it did. By measuring the body’s electrical vibrational frequencies, the e-Lybra can determine which frequency the body needs in order to be able to re-balance from its store of over 285,000 different vibrational healing frequencies from flower essences to traditional chinese medicine, pharmaceutical drugs (without the side effects) and much more.