Do You Have a Candida Penis Infection?

The Candida penis infection. A Candida penis infection might not be a subject that comes up too often, but it can be a serious matter for males who have been informed that they might have developed a male Candida infection. The fungal microorganism of which we’re speaking — Candida — lives in the G.I. Tract of men and women and is usually the cause of many a Candida penis infection.

Candida, as it’s normally found in a male, will be somewhat different than the type of Candida that will afflict a woman from time to time. In males, Candida that escapes from the gastrointestinal tract and onto the surface of the skin, might end up down in a male’s pubic area and onto the skin of the penis. The type of Candida that most often is seen is the Candida albicans species.

When Candida Albicans shows up on the head of the penis, it normally will lead to a rash and some inflammation that most doctors or other health professionals call “balanitis.” In some cases, this condition will be painful and cause uncontrollable itching.

In young boys still in diapers, the physician or other health professional must take care to distinguish balanitis — or male Candida infection of the penis — from the normal type of dermatitis that can be present due to ammonias and other chemicals normally found in urine that is excreted through the penis, onto the diaper and then rubbed onto the delicate penile tissue.

Any balanitis from a male Candida yeast infection, strikes up to 11% of males within the population at any one time. 3% of all boys still in diapers will experience a bout of Candida penis related issues. In extreme cases of balanitis or Candida penis symptoms, there might be some liquid discharge from the penis, though it’s more common for the penis to just be red and itchy.

Normally, contracting a male Candida infection shouldn’t be too much of a cause for worry when it’s nothing more than something that causes some reddening a rash on the skin. Treatment will all depend on what the cause of the infection is, of course. In the case of balanitis, it is often because of an infection by the Candida albicans microorganism and can usually be easily addressed through the application of certain skin creams over a certain amount of time.

In most cases, the root of a male Candida infection can always be traced back to the G.I. tract where Candida has likely overgrown. To permanently eliminate Candida, males who have a male Candida infection would be wise to actually eliminate the overgrowth within the G.I. tract, which will eliminate the root of the problem. Educating yourself about what male Candida is, as well as what some of the male yeast infection symptoms are, is probably the best defense to stopping the yeast from spreading and growing increasingly difficult to treat.

The majority of Candida penis treatment therapies will usually involve initial medical treatment with skin creams to clear up redness, itching and any discharge. After that, it’s more a matter of teaching males and young boys proper hygiene and washing techniques. Also, certain types of diets that emphasize a healthy selection of vegetables and meats and which limit sugar intake, have been found to perhaps be the best preventive measure.

Men and boys need to be especially aware of the fact that Candida exists and that it can just as easily affect them as it does women and girls. At the first sign of Candida, males should look to getting the issue addressed as soon as possible. Parents should also take care to examine their newborns for out of the ordinary issues of redness or any penile discharge when they’re still in diapers.