Dental Team Building Exercises

Big corporations have realized the importance of team building exercises to encourage unity. Why should dentists be any different?

Dental team building exercises are a fabulous opportunity to relieve some of the tension and boredom that build up in the day to day activities of any job. Even if you think that things are running smoothly and you have a happy workforce, and even if they truly are, it never hurts to reinforce collaboration skills. Simultaneously, dental team building exercises are a great chance to employ some dental teamwork skills that will encourage unity amongst your employees.

No matter how perfect we think we might be, we all get caught up in the daily grind and start to take for granted those around us; especially those we lean heavily on. Taking a break to refocus using dental team building exercises is invaluable to every single member of your dental staff (from the newly hired dental assistant to the seasoned dental office manager) to ensure the happiness of your dental practice as a workplace. These exercises can help everyone realize how each and every person in the dental office is an important piece of a giant puzzle; if someone is not doing their job to the best of their ability, the picture is incomplete or not clear, at best.

After years of feeling unappreciated, it is nice for the staff to be reminded just how essential they are via these simple exercises! The teamwork challenges that are employed in dental team building exercises also offer opportunities for your employees to speak freely about any concerns or issues, which might help put some long simmering tensions to an end. Getting comfortable with being able to resolve conflict within the confines of the safe setting of the exercise will show your staff that they are capable of doing this in the office, as well.

Dentists, now that you recognize the importance of teamwork and unity for your practice, how do you promote it? Dental team building exercises can be organized as a type of retreat through many different companies spread nationwide. These can range from overnight retreats to day trips. A simple internet search will show you what is available in your area. Or, if there are budget or time constraints, you and your Dental Manager can attend a communication class and get some tips for running dental team building exercises yourself. Even forming a softball or bowling league with your employees will enhance that feeling of unity. And do not cross off dental team building exercises once you have attended a retreat or talked to your staff one time; check in with your staff daily, weekly and monthly by holding meetings to discuss any issues. During these meetings, address every member of the team and make sure everyone feels like their voice is heard!