Dental Retainers And Their Importance

A dental retainer is often made with a fixed or temporary wire which is often bonded at the back of the teeth. Aside from wires, it is also possible for dental retainers to be made out of plastics. The reason why many dentists require their patient to wear a retainer is to maintain the alignment of teeth that was already achieved through dental braces. The major importance of dental retainer is to support the alignment of the teeth against any disruption that can be brought by some factors such as the presence of a wisdom tooth. There are instances wherein the wisdom tooth can affect the alignment of the teeth, so we need a retainer.

Like we have mentioned earlier, dental retainers are extremely valuable because they stabilize any possibilities of shift out among the teeth. After the orthodontic treatment or a dental brace, the teeth may still shift from other positions if they are not stabilized by a retainer. In order to hold the teeth in their proper positions, then it is the primary requirement for the patient to have a retainer. The length wherein the retainer should stay on the teeth is always determined by a bountiful dentist just like a Utah dentist. Removable retainers are often worn for less than a year. On the other hand, the permanent or fixed retainer often stays on the teeth for at least two years.

There are few reminders that we need to consider if we have them. First, if we are into sports such as swimming or any combat sports, it is a must to remove them because they could get broken or fall out. Since they are breakable, we need to take care of the retainer properly and carefully. Consult a credible dentist and visit them in their dental office if the retainer is already broken. Always clean the retainer just as we brush the teeth. Do not forget that we should also remove them before eating.

There are only few types of dental retainer. The removable or Hawley-type and the permanent of fixed. We can try to ask the dentist about their difference. There are so many dentists today who are willing to give a brief explanation about this matter. When it comes to maintenance, all we need to do to do is to brush them just like the teeth and soak them on a cleaning solution which is often advised by the dentist.